About Us


About Us

Based in Hopewell NJ (Mercer County), State Plate Signs can make your one-of-a-kind custom license plate sign or craft.

​My History

I'm fairly new to the craft scene.  After 25 years in government work, I retired to do "this and that" to keep myself busy.  While working in the artsy small city of Lambertville, NJ, I began making bowls and clocks out of vinyl records.  A few actually sold.  I was collecting license plates, and then saw what I thought was a poorly made license plate sign on the wall of a local shop. I thought to myself "I could do better".  I began by cutting license plates using an angle grinder.  This resulted in some rough cuts, but my first few signs made some good impressions.  I upgraded my cutter to a throatless hand shear and also started making the signs with some amazing woods, from 150+ year old barn wood to natural edge walnut or mulberry.  Adding whitewashed frames brought it up another notch.  The signs started selling without much effort on my part. Friends, family, co-workers, and then strangers began buying them.  Within three months of making & selling signs, a large local Princeton NJ store (The Farmhouse Store) bought several signs to sell in their store.  My facebook exploded and then I started posting them on Instagram.  Total strangers began contacting me and buying my signs.  The most popular were clearly the NJ beach town signs and the NJ State Police signs.

​The majority of my signs and crafts are made from New Jersey license plates, which makes sense because this is where I'm from and I have access to them.  I have some out of state plates and have completed a few orders using them.

Feel free to contact me at StatePlateSigns@gmail.com.  Pricing is determined by the length of the words, the wood used, and type (if any) of frame.